Commuter Girlfriend Totally In Love With You and Not Your Dorm

A recent investigation concluded that your new commuter girlfriend definitely just likes you for you, and not for your comfortable dorm room. You thought you guys had a special emotional bond, and that there’s absolutely no way you’re being used for your air conditioned living space. Apparently, you have never been more right in your life. When asked about the topic, your GF explained, “I am so in love. Everything about our relationship is amazing, like the dorm. Where else am I supposed to go during this four hour gap in my schedule? There’s Netflix, a bed, and a mini fridge! I would never turn this down. Oh, and of course I love my bae, too. Totally.” Your commuter GF was last seen while you were in Biology class unavailable to host her, awkwardly waiting in the HPT lobby for one of her other on-campus boyfriends to allow her access to his newly restocked fridge.