Confused Student Unsure Whether to Enjoy Halloween or Study for Tuesday Quiz

FAU Student Jenna Le found herself in a pickle on Monday, Halloween morning, when her Chemistry professor, who was suitably dressed as a reptile, reminded the class that they were having a quiz the following day. Upon hearing this news, Le was immediately struck with a wave of confusion regarding what exactly she would do about the night’s anticipated celebrations.

“I already planned my couples costume with my boyfriend Eric. We were supposed to be peanut butter and jelly. So cute. He’s going to be heartbroken,” Jenna said while unwrapping her eighteenth bite-sized Kit-Kat to comfort herself.

“Bro,” Eric said, “I totally am SO upset Jenna can’t make it tonight. What a bummer. Now I have no choice but go alone as shirtless John Cena… not that I will like it or anything.”

At press time, Jenna had made her ultimate decision to ditch Tuesday’s class and party on Halloween night like everyone else.