Couple Dressed as Joker and Harley Quinn Wins “Most Original Costume” Award For 2016

With people all over the world participating in Halloween costume contests, eighteen-year-old couple Brad Ligen and Kim Sheer figured out how to seal the victory at this year’s annual Good Morning America Costume Contest: by dressing up as a Joker and Harley Quinn duo.

When asked who came up with the idea for the costume, Kim told us, “It was all my idea, really. I mean, how else am I going to show off how much of a geek I am and piss off my dad at the same time? Plus, all other couples costumes are overdone. Ketchup and mustard? Jack and Sally? The Flintstones? I see those year after year. I needed something I knew no other couple would do.”

When asked how he liked his Joker costume, Brad said, “It’s all right, I guess. I had to stay still for four hours while Kim put white makeup and fake tattoos on my face. And then I ruined them as soon as my nose got itchy. Honestly, I wanted to be Heath Ledger’s Joker, but Harley Quinn wasn’t hot until Jared Leto. I’m really cold from this open jacket.”

Neither Brad nor Kim seemed to know what Suicide Squad was, and both told us comic book movies were for nerds. The couple reportedly plans to bring more originality to their next costume contest by dressing as characters from Stranger Things.