Dark Past Explained: Nova Southeastern Reveals Its Name Was Chosen So Nobody Knows It’s A Florida School

Over the past weekend, it was revealed that Nova Southeastern University actually chose the name of its institution so that nobody would know it was a Florida school. Across the nation, despite whatever academic standing they may hold, Florida schools tend to be undervalued due to the state’s general reputation. Due to this, Nova Southeastern made the brave decision to not even mention the state’s name within its institution’s title so that its graduates could hopefully find more success outside of Florida.

“We decided to go with referring to the southeast in general,” Explains Nova Southeastern University’s president George L. Hanbury II. “This way, they’ll never know. All the economic benefits of being a student at a Florida university without the embarrassment.”

The institution has seen tremendous results from this approach, and students have reported that they were more likely to find success when applying for jobs compared to their peers who went to more obvious Florida schools. Nova Southeastern’s administrators push for other future schools to pursue this route, perhaps even renaming standing ones for the benefit of their students.

At press time, it was also revealed that Nova Southeastern may consider renaming itself to just “Nova Eastern University” to remove even further suspicion as to which specific Southeastern state its students were hailing from.