Desperate Senior Can’t Find Anyone To Sell iClicker To

With his final semester coming to a close, desperate senior Michael West reported Monday that he cannot find anyone to sell his used iClicker to.

“iClicker for sale! Batteries included!” shouted West as he attempted to sell the four-year-old iClicker to a group of passing freshmen on the Breezeway. “I’ve been trying to sell this thing for months but none of my classes need it. It’s a Plus model, too, so it has to be better. Everything that has ‘Plus’ in its name is automatically better.”

David Nicholas, a sophomore who reportedly approached West, claimed that the senior attempted to barter with him. “He said he’d give me the iClicker for $30. So I ask, ‘What’s an iClicker?’ Then the asshole started giving me some kind of history lesson.”

“I don’t just have the iClicker in my wares. I also have these floppy discs and my nearly-complete collection of beverage cards from Outtakes,” concluded West.