Dumb Stupid Idiot Throws Halloween Party In Dorm

It was recently revealed that this Saturday evening a local dumb stupid idiot from FAU had planned to throw a Halloween party inside their dorm room. Of course, with the ongoing pandemic, most people have decided to not meet up with their friends at all to reduce risk. However, this dumb stupid fucking idiot decided it would be a great idea to throw a party of roughly fifty people in his tightly-packed dorm room. With no masks.

“COVID is, like, basically over by now anyway,” said the dumb stupid idiot while sending out more invites. “And masks don’t even work! I wear mine below my nose every day and I still got the virus last week.”

Needless to say, FAU Student Health Services issued out a statement claiming they “do not condone such parties” and they are “frankly concerned by the lack of common sense displayed by this dumb stupid idiot.”

At press time, it was revealed that the dumb stupid idiot had also planned to throw a New Year’s Eve party, celebrating 2021 as the “end of COVID-19 since the year is over.”