FAU High School The Only School In The County To Accept Barron Trump

As the Trump family begins to settle into their Mar-a-Lago residence, new information about their future plans continue to be discovered. The Hoot has recently received an anonymous phone call regarding the schooling status of the former first son of the United States. The muffled voice insisted they were “incredibly close” with the Trump family, and that we should expect Barron Trump to begin classes at FAU High School in the upcoming weeks. 

“It’s the only school that would take him,” the caller said. “No other schools wanted to deal with the security risk he’s going to be.” The voice continued, saying that while it may seem like an odd choice for Barron to go to a public school, he explained that Donald liked the idea of saving money by having Barron be able to take college classes for free. “Money’s been kind of tight recently. They’ve been reusing plastic Ziploc bags from their lunches and everything. It’s pretty sad to see.”

Staff and students alike have mixed feelings regarding the rumors. “Even though it’s so stupid for admin to let him in, it doesn’t surprise me at all. It’s kind of their thing to be stupid” FAU High student Jennie Gordon comments. “I’m just not sure if he’s even smart enough to handle the coursework,” says astronomy professor Joseph Silverman. “I don’t know anyone that’s heard Barron speak before, let alone seen his grades. Not sure he can handle the pressure.”

When we tried asking the caller about Barron’s grades in a follow-up call, the caller seemed to get annoyed. “They’re saying my- I mean Barron’s grades are bad? That’s crap. He’s bright, even more so than his father.” Before we could get another word in, a voice could be overheard in the call- a woman’s this time, telling the caller to get ready for dinner soon. With that, the call ended, and we have not been able to contact the number again.