FAU Stadium To Host Super Bowl

Nearly an hour north of the Miami Gardens Hard Rock Stadium, awaits another prestigious bowl in an, arguably, equally iconic stadium. After months of debate between student government, administration, and the Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce, plans for the “Super Bowl”, an actual colossal bowl of soup and eighth wonder of the world filled with enough chicken noodle to feed the entire panhandle, to be hosted and temporarily held at the FAU stadium have been put into effect. 

Brought in to boost morale and to contribute to the budding campus culture, the preparations and construction of the Super Bowl at FAU stadium already have resident students salivating. Despite most of the news surrounding its arrival being positive, some resident students have major complaints about its location. 

“I live in IVA and the smell of fresh herbs and chicken broth wafting in from the stadium is overwhelming. No one asked for this,” complains sophomore student Valerie Fox. “Like ha ha, I get that it’s a big bowl with soup. And it’s called the Super Bowl. It’s not that funny of a joke. Can’t we just move it to the Davie campus and call it a day?”

The Super Bowl will be open this upcoming Sunday for public viewing and consumption. Visitors are asked to bring their own soup spoon and to please refrain from slurping.