‘K Sent from my iPhone’ Replies Professor to Student’s 3,000 Word Makeup Final Plea

A student became puzzled on Wednesday night after her professor responded to her 3,000 word makeup final request with an email that simply said “K”.

Student Jenifer Lee spent four Adderall and Red Bull powered days studying for her Language and Rhetoric Analysis final only to crash and sleep through it Wednesday. Devastated, Lee sent a short novel via email apologizing and begging her professor to consider allowing her a makeup exam.

After 8 long hours, Lee received the single most confusing and passive-aggressive letter in the English alphabet: “K”. The only other clue as to what it could possibly mean was the “Sent from my iPhone” tag attached at the end of the email.

“‘K’ what?! My 3,000 words worth of arguments were a rhetor’s wet dream,” said Lee. “K I can retake it? K fuck me, I guess?”

Lee plans to write a follow up email to see what this cryptic message meant. In the meantime, she will continue to analyze the complex email, putting her four days of studying language analysis to a real test.