Kahoot Revealed To Be Main Event At FAU Underground Gambling Ring

“We put the ‘hoot’ in Kahoot,” said student Martin Banks as he was arrested by Florida Atlantic P.D. for hosting a series of unsanctioned games of Kahoot, a trivia game that pits students against one another, forcing them to compete for potential prizes such as an extra point on exams. Kahoot, among other games, was the main event at a now exposed underground gambling ring situated in FAU’s underground tunnels.

Rumors surrounding this ring began last weekend when several students at Outtakes had allegedly shown up with hundreds of unmarked Owl Bucks on their student IDs. An investigation was launched soon after, where officials uncovered that over one-hundred students were found with the illegal Owl Bucks. When the secret casino was discovered, its appearance could reportedly be described as a full-scale replica of the Breezeway, with the exception of fans and clean bathrooms.  

“The sight was uncanny,” described Officer Matthew Clark. “Several students were partaking in games such as Uno and Apples to Apples, yet the Kahoot table was beyond crowded. As the night went on, I ended up losing all of my money, and then I knew I had to take action.”

“It’s a game of superior wit, good guessing ability, speed, and shitty nicknames,” explained Louis Briars, a local Kahoot Grandmaster. “The trick to betting on the game is that every participant places a set amount of Owl Bucks in a prize pot. First place takes all.”

At press time, the source of the illegal Owl Bucks was revealed to be an underground cache of tuition collected from students over the past decades. The lead architect of the recent Breezeway remodel stated his uncertainty of how Banks was able to find the money, as the construction was meant to hide it.