Local Indie Band to Release New EP Exclusively on HitClips

Mickey Anders, lead singer of local South Florida indie rock band ‘Lactation Nurse,’ officially announced this morning that the band’s new EP will forego the traditional digital and CD releases and will instead be released exclusively on HitClips, a media format common among primary school children circa 2001.

“You’ve seen people throw it back and release their stuff on vinyl. You’ve seen throwbacks to cassette tapes and 8-tracks. We’re going one step further and giving you a nostalgia blast like no other,” Anders wrote about the choice to release his band’s music on tiny pieces of plastic which can only store one-minute lo-fi audio clips. “Lactation Nurse has never sounded so good.”

“The hurdles we climbed over to get this EP produced… we’ve reached such heights, we’ve knocked down so many barriers… we will go down in indie rock history,” said bassist Avery McNeal. “Not only did we have to break up each of our 14-minute songs into 14 different cartridges, but HitClips ceased production before our genre even got popular, so we had to have a specialist design them for us. Not that our genre is popular now. It’s indie, so that means underground. We’re not really well-known, in a good way. But please tell all your friends to buy our EP.”

The band’s three consistent Facebook commenters all support the decision, even if they don’t own a device to play the cartridges. The band’s drummer, Antho Miller, replied to one fan, who sources speculate was actually his mother, by comparing this to the vinyl comeback. “The more that people started printing records again, the more record players were produced. It’ll be the same thing here. We’re just ahead of the curve.”

The four-song EP, titled “Self-Titled,” will cost $66 and will drop on November 17th in the form of 56 HitClips cartridges, as long as the band doesn’t break up before then.