Please Don’t Caption Your Photos “I Live Where You Spring Break”, Or Else

Hey you, yeah YOU. What are your plans for spring break? Wait, don’t tell us. You’re planning on going to the beach, aren’t you? More specifically, you’re planning on packing some beach towels, a variety 12-pack of White Claws, SPF-30 sunscreen, and hopping in your car to drive over to Palmetto Beach.

That’s fine and all, but if you post a picture of yourself at Palmetto Beach, or any beach in the area, please DO NOT caption it, “I live where you spring break,” because we will find you, and we will kill you.

Boca Raton is a beautiful city; however, no one spring breaks here. People retire here. A more correct caption would be, “I live where you find a beautiful place to retire at the ripe age of 65-70, because my city hosts many excellent senior living communities.” 

We will be patrolling every FAU students’ spring break posts. If you caption it with the unspeakable, unmentionable, unforgivable caption mentioned, and the location tag is anywhere in Boca, you will be swiftly and promptly terminated. Have a wonderful spring break from everyone here at The Hoot!