Rebellious Freshman Skips Class, Immediately Calls Mother Sobbing

Summoning all the courage she could muster, sources confirm rebellious freshman Elizabeth Williams skipped her Music Appreciation class Friday only to immediately call her mother sobbing after doing so.

“I don’t know how it happened,” lamented Williams as she incessantly emailed her professor to ask what she had missed. “One minute I was the baddest bitch on campus, the next I was calling my mother’s phone to cry and apologize for not going to class.”

Peers of Williams were not confused in the slightest, claiming they knew this would occur the moment she decided to skip. “Of course I saw it coming,” claimed fellow student James Xu. “She didn’t hold the door for someone once and burst into tears as she walked away.”

Another instance occurred when a fellow student lent William a pencil for an exam and she forgot to return it. “She was wailing like a whale,” Xu added.

At press time, Williams was reportedly withholding tears of guilt after departing from her literature class five minutes before dismissal.