Student Fills Out Suspiciously Nice SPOT Evaluation in Last Ditch Effort to Save Grade

As a last attempt to try and salvage the impending disaster she calls her grade, student Bianca Reynolds decided to go the extra mile while filling out her SPOT evaluations. “I was just being real, ya know,” Reynolds said of her evaluation for her Organic Chemistry professor. “I dropped the student-teacher façade and talked about how lit she was all semester long.” When the news of Reynolds’ final attempt travelled around, more students decided to use their SPOT evaluations to beg their professors for a passing grade. Sources say that students were using any available means, from blaming it on Hurricane Irma to writing their teachers sonnets. When asked about the movement she generated and how she felt about the whole ordeal, Reynolds said, “Well, turns out it’s all useless! My roommate just told me that teachers don’t see the evals until after the semester is over. I skipped my exam relying on that load of bull!” Reynolds was later seen outside her professor’s office, desperately screaming into the empty office about how beautiful the ‘Gone for Christmas’ sign was.