Student Preparing for Finals Opens Textbook for First Time Since Enrolling

On Tuesday morning, in order to prepare for an exam later that day, student Lindsay Kaling bravely opened her textbook for the first time since enrolling in the class. After only attending three classes throughout the entire semester and only ever reading the introduction paragraph of her Introduction to Psychology textbook, Kaling seemed to be set on at least preparing a little bit for her final.

Kaling, despite other students being quite stressed, did not seem to be at all worried about her final. “I mean, it’s just psychology,” she said, her textbook still open to the first page. “Seems simple enough. I’m sure I’ll ace it, but I may as well study for a few minutes before going in.”

Other students in the class who had heard of this were in absolute shock. “Seriously? I’ve been sitting here studying for five hours and she’s not even the least bit concerned? I wish I could have half of her immense body of knowledge,” said fellow Introduction to Psychology student Amy Tell.

Later, Kaling was seen confidently walking out of her exam as she reassured others walking into the class that it was “super easy.”