Top 5 Places To Take Graduation Photos On Campus

1. Algonquin Hall

As many students know, the Algonquin Residence Hall will be torn down this summer to be replaced with a newer and nicer, yet much lamer, residence hall. Even if you were a commuter student, there is no better way to memorialize the glory days of FAU than to take some impressive graduation photos right in front of Algonquin Hall before it, unfortunately, gets ripped down.


2. Outtakes

Let’s be honest. Who really had your back right before you had a class and the line at Starbucks was too long to get a coffee? That’s right. Outtakes’ convenience and dedication have helped your sorry ass get nourishment too many times for it not to be honored in one of your pathetic graduation photos.


3. Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine

Chances are, you’re a plebeian who didn’t get a smart degree like the rest of us. So, why not pretend that you did and take some graduation photos in front of the College of Medicine? Nobody will ever be able to tell those photos are for a degree in art history. 


4. FAU Center for Teaching and Learning

Whether it was for math or psychology, every student has their own story with this place. FAU’s free tutoring for students has essentially saved lives (and GPAs). So why not commemorate the unsung heroes of campus with a graduation photo in the FAU Center for Teaching and Learning?


5. Lot 5

Finally, be sure to visit FAU Parking’s pride and joy, Lot 5. Not only is the airport runway of a parking lot a scenic place for a photo shoot, but there are plenty of open spots to pose in. You can even get shuttle service to the lot and back to take the photos! How cool and convenient is that?!