Top 5 Thanksgiving Dishes Grandma Will Shove Down Your Throat This Year

Thanksgiving is a time for everyone to sit down, bond over delicious food, and celebrate being thankful for your family members, even Grandma. Here are the top 5 dishes (good or bad) that your grammy will be shoving down your throat this year.

1.) Cranberry Sauce: This dish is a classic Thanksgiving staple — if you were born in the 1930s. Who the fuck wants to pile red jelly on their plate that may or may not be 20 years old. Once you make eye contact with the can of cranberry sauce, there’s no turning back. Your gram will make sure you have seconds of her favorite dish.

2.) Sweet Potato Casserole: Good luck getting out of this one. This decadent and vibrant orange dish was not only made out of sweet potatoes but also the blood, sweat, and tears from your dear old gram-gram. If you’re lucky, she put marshmallows on the top, so that you can pretend to be excited about eating it. In reality, you’d rather eat baby food than put this on your plate.

3.) Seven-Layer Salad: Who knows what’s in this stuff. Like, seriously, one year it will have walnuts, kale, and cranberries, and the next year it has carrots, apricots, and pecans. But if you dare say anything suggesting that you don’t like it, Grandma will have your head faster than you can say “Happy Thanksgiving.”

4.) Soggy Pumpkin Pie: Your grandma swears by this recipe and claims that it’s been in the family for years. The only problem is that when you cut into the pie, it’s not cooked enough, and pumpkin juice slowly starts to make a pool next to your green bean casserole. You try to explain to grammy that the pie is undercooked, but she can’t hear you because of the sugar coma she’s in.

5.) Tire Iron: Nothing screams Thanksgiving like a tire iron. Never had one before? Well, sit down and discover the rich, iron-filled dish you’re about to eat. Make sure to either boil for a few hours or, if you’re feeling extra festive, throw it in the turkey fryer to soften it up. Don’t forget to sprinkle some car oil on top!