Wendy’s Closed Due To Ghost Sighting, Covered Up As Failed Health Inspection

Last week, the Wendy’s on the FAU Boca Raton campus was closed due to a reported failed health inspection. Further investigation has shown that the inspection was an elaborate cover-up for an alleged ghost sighting.

Sources claim that some of the Wendy’s employees wanted to get into the spirit of Halloween and brought in a Ouija board to play while they were on break. Head shift manager, senior Tyra White, spoke out about the incident. “We wanted to perfect making a Frosty and thought it would be totally harmless to summon the ghost of the Wendy’s founder, Dave Thomas, for help. Next thing I know, the ice cream machine is spraying us with slime and cockroaches start crawling out of the sink drain. It was a nightmare.”

“What am I supposed to do without my 4 for $4 every day?” said freshman Mark Tinkle about the closure. “I couldn’t care less if there were rats in the fryers or demons, you can’t get a better deal than that!”

At press time, witnesses confirmed that a local psychic medium was spotted in the food court under the guise of a pest exterminator, most likely to perform a cleansing of Wendy’s with sage.