What The Color You Main In Among Us Says About You: FAU Majors

It’s only fitting that The Hoot comment about the new hot ticket game: Among Us. After extensive research, we have put out a non-exhaustive list of what color you main and what major we assume you are. Enjoy! 

Cyan: Psychology

  • Always sus, sorry but I vote you off round one 

Dark Blue: Biology but then changes to Marketing

  • Asks for a partner, finishes tasks first 

Yellow: Linguistics

  • Argues in the chat; gets voted off for reporting or defending the imp 

White: General Ed Major or Nursing

  • Claims someone vents 

Red: Undecided

  • “Red is sus” as name, not usually impostor 

Pink: Business

  • Team up with lime – kills them; usually is impostor

Brown: Mechanical Engineering

  • Only kills in electrical

Black: Academic Probation or Criminal Justice

  • An actual detective or memes the entire game 

Dark Green: Chemistry

  • Big brain; never impostor but wins if they are

Lime: Art

  • Team up with pink, usually quiet in the chat

Purple: Communications

  • Has discord chat with black or blue; never gets voted off 

Orange: Exercise Science

  • “I was doing medbay scan” 

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