Wimberly Library To Install Face Scanners In Orwellian Near Future

After weeks of speculation, Hoot reporters have received exciting news from the College of Engineering! In addition to the new ‘AI Sandbox’ currently under construction on the first floor of the beloved Wimberly Library, the FAU College of Engineering and FAU PD have devised an effective (if slightly dystopian) way to further secure the booty so tenderly enclosed within the Wimberly Library. 

Where there were once owl card scanners and little glass doors that only whirred open at their own whim, there will now be face readers pre-programmed with the mugs of students, faculty, and staff alike. There has been no comment on how these pictures will be obtained, though, when we sat down with the new security department at Wimberly, their representative simply told us “All is well. No need to fear. Only love. Hoot hoot.” in an ominous baritone that echoed from behind glossy plastic masks bearing the face of cherished FAU mascot Owlsley. 

We at the Hoot are legally obligated to tell you to take their word for it.